Coffee Roaster Pot

Just take a little time to prepare a simple utensil and you can enjoy delicious and aromatic coffee.

HuaKaiFuGui (Blossoming) hand-shake roaster Pot

Health, Easy, Cost-effective

It is a hand-shake coffee roaster Pot modified from the first generation of Black King Kong. It has a far-infrared material, which is faster and more uniform than the first generation. It is more suitable for ergonomics in the part of the handle.

The world's first coffee roaster with golden coffee flowers is more valuable than the first one.

HuaKaiFuGui (Blossoming) DIY roaster Pot - Limited Edition

Giving, Self-use, Collection

Gold represents wealth and status, and a baking pot with solid coffee and coffee flowers represents a rich and rich family.

The world's first coffee-baked jug with golden coffee flowers, with the meaning of Gengfufu, is worthy of your collection.

Operational Teaching

This product is made of ceramic material, which is evenly heated. There is no problem of uneven baking of coffee beans. The baking time can also be controlled according to personal preference. The longer the baking time, the lower the acidity and the lower the caffeine concentration; the shorter the time, the higher the sourness and the higher the caffeine concentration.

Each player has his own preferences and methods, and can achieve his favorite baking taste according to his own practice.

Enjoy your favorite coffee anytime, anywhere, and enjoy your coffee time.

Step Description

Prepare materials: Roaster pot, 30~50g Green coffee, Gas stove, Ceramic plate.

Pour green coffee beans into the middle of the pot.

Move the pot to about 5cm above the stove and shake it in a circular pattern to make the beans roll.

Bake the beans till 1st crack or 2ed. (adjust the baking according to personal preference)

Then, pour out the beans from the rear of the pot handle, and place on the plate.

After Cool down the roasted coffee beans, you can enjoy the tasty handmade coffee.