Coffee Roaster

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Hot Air Roaster

  1. With high-temperature glass tube, you can see the coffee beans flipping when baking, increasing the fun of baking.
  2. Fully automatic baking, from baking to cooling, no special operation required.
  3. The all-hot bake method allows coffee beans to be heated evenly and has a better flavor.
Equipment Size 0.75m*1.2m*1.5m (L*W*H)
Capacity 1kg
Power 110V/60Hz/3A
Fuel Type LP Gas or Natural Gas

Half Hot Air Roaster

  1. Using baking chamber insulation method, heating is fast, baking is stable
  2. The whole baking method is set in the whole program, and various baking methods can be adjusted according to the taste.
  3. The man-machine interface is used and the baking process is recorded throughout.
  4. Fully automatic adjustment of temperature control and automatic damper adjustment control system.
  5. Fully automatic ignition and flameout alarm and automatic gas shut-off.
  6. Using a patented baking method, the baking is even and full.
  7. The roasting process of the coffee beans produces a chaff that can be completely withdrawn without staying in the baking chamber to produce a burnt taste and affect the taste of the coffee, and the chaff is pulled out to the coffee bucket.
Equipment Size 1.3m*0.9m*1.7m (L*W*H)
Weight 100kg
Fuel Type Gas
Safety Equipment To shut down the gas system in conditions of any abnormality in the gas pressure.
Drum RPM 0~80
Power 110V/220V
Capacity 500g~5kg

Hot Air Balloon Pottery Roaster

  1. It has a far-infrared element and has strong penetrating power, which can completely penetrate the beans.
  2. It has the effect of heat preservation and temperature uniformity, and the temperature climbs stably.
  3. The aroma and sweetness are higher than other roaster machines.
  4. The temperature meter (MS6511) can be connected to Artisan or RS485 for communication.
Equipment Size 0.6m*0.3m*0.3m (L*W*H)
Weight 24kg
Fuel Type LP Gas or Natural Gas
Safety Equipment Auto Ignition system
(In the design of the kiln, the company adheres to the principle of serving customers with the least profit in the least investment.)
Drum RPM 0~90 (adjustable)
Power AC110V (Basic) or 200V (Please inform us of the order)
Capacity 150g~1kg