Tunnel Kiln

In the design of the kiln, the company adheres to the principle of serving customers with the least profit in the least investment.

The carts move on the fixed track, on which, one side is special wheel, another side is normal wheel. This design will eliminate the deviation between the right and left end.
The elevatory kiln equipped with hydraulic up-and-down switch cart will make moving speed more stable. This will utilize the work-shop space to the maximum.
After sintering with Our kilns, the customer could get the products with most stable quality. Not only raise the quality, but also increase the production volume.

Tunnel Kiln Equipment

The whole control system is scientifically operated and recorded by computer, which could proceed self-error test and show different situation on the screen.
All wind pipes and gas pipes are made of SUS304# and are arranged in order, which enable its surface not rust or erode, so that would not affect its external appearance.
The cart is constructed with heat-insulating bricks, refractory bricks and Germany-made black clay, which would not make the cart loose or ruin.
High-speed fan blower is equipped with muffler and various facilities with different functions.
The pipes on top of the kiln are arranged in order and, where, the heat-retaining is made by vermiculite. Since vermiculite is a kind of mineral not absorbing heat, the heat-retaining effect is very good.
The gas main switch-board is made of SUS304# material in which, the gas switch could turn down the high pressure to mmH2O low pressure and the power-off system is controlled by a magnet valve.
The transmission of the moving cart is designed as follows: One side is special wheel and the other side is normal wheel. This design will eliminate the deviation between the right and left end. In addition, while on floor, it enables pushing cart running into work area.

Planning and designing fot the whole tunnel kiln

Our planning for the tunnel kiln and whole factory could make the work site more compact. Furthermore, we could push the cart to work area, loading or unloading unfired body there. The arrangement of kilns could be designed according to the customer's request, by which, these kilns could be custom-made into oil-compression up-and-down type or flat-surface type.