Tunnel Kiln - Tableware

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Gas tunnel kiln instance

NO. Site Factory Length X Width
1 China / Guangdong GOLDEEP CLAY MANUFACTOAY CO., LTD. a. 46.5M x 1.15M
b. 51.75M x 1.3M
2 China / Guangdong 智星陶瓷廠 51.75M x 1.3M
3 Vietnam / Đồng Nai CHUAN KUO CERAMICSCO., LTD. a. 50M x 2M
b. 80M x 2M
4 Philippines LUCKY a. 25M x 0.6M
b. 25M x 0.6M
c. 25M x 0.6M
d. 25M x 0.6M
e. 25M x 0.6M
5 China / Chaozhou 潮州雅泰陶瓷 69.75M x 1.25M

Tunnel Kiln Applicaion