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- About YESIN -

YESIN, was established in 1990. Through specialized research, development and design of the founder, Mr.Chia-Wan Wang, our product has made a great of renovation under modernization and science. In addition, after making all technology humanized, YESIN has stood on the leading position in the field of making kilns.

While designing various kilns, it's our principle to minimize the investment cost of customers, and at the mean time, maximize their profitability. Besides, all the kilns are custom-made according to the need as well as productivity of customers.

During the depressed time of Year 2000, our service and renovation are not influenced by the slow-down economy. Further, we taking the first step, create new kiln’s operation way which could not only reduce the management for human resource, lower the personnel cost, but also raise the quality of product and save more money for kiln’s maintenance.

It's our belief that YESIN will insist on the spirit of specialized research, development and design, creating better kiln equipment and supplying better service to customers.

Product Items

  • Producing Various Ceramic Tunnel Kilns
  • Producing Various Ceramic Fast Roller Kilns
  • Producing Various Reductive Tunnel Kilns
  • Various Automatic & Mechanical Equipment for Kilns
  • Various Autospheric Kilns for Electronic Industry

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